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Compost Method - Burying Material

I have been composting for several years now with just burying the compost in what will become a garden row and coming back the next year to plant over

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wedding event temporarily wrap compost bin?

Hi there - I've tried searching online to get an answer, no luck. We are hosting a backyard wedding in 2 weeks, and I'd like to reduce the possible number

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Pathogens — I'm Worried About Pathogens

I have a bottomless compost bin in the garden where we put raw food scraps and coffee ect. I've placed some garden leaves and twigs also. It doesn't seem

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Simple Seed Saving — The Landrace Gardening Way

Joseph's Seeds

This landrace gardening course teaches a new and simple approach to seed saving. The result robust, locally adapted and better tasting food from the garden.

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Rotten egg broke in my compost

I was turning my compost today (large family uses it). There was a whole egg- not sure how long it had been in there. It broke and smelled horrible.

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Composting Flooring

Hi, I live in outback Australia. I have a good compost but want to move it closer to the house so it’s not so far to walk to. I am wondering what type

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Pet Poop Digester

I’m going to build a digester specifically for dog poop. I will be using a salvaged approx 60 gallon tank from an old air compressor. I’ll add lots of

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Ants in Compost Pile

I have a nice compost pile and have used it often. Great to add to red clay for planting. I now have ants in the pile. Is it ok to continue using the

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