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Ants in Compost Pile

I have a nice compost pile and have used it often. Great to add to red clay for planting. I now have ants in the pile. Is it ok to continue using the

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Tumbler Composter - Adding Material and Time Concerns

Does it matter which side I add to in the tumbler composter? One side has a + sign but looking at pictures of the one we have, I think it is in the wrong

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Grass Clippings and Golf Course Sand

Hi. I recently got some grass clippings for my compost, but noticed that it has a bit of sand.....likely from the nearby golf bunker. Should I still mix

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Compost Bin and Soil Question

I began a compost bin a few weeks ago and placed Scott's lawn soil in it as my soil source. I have been reading a variety of reviews and I believe I may

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Bokashi and verimculture composter?

Can you add bokashi compost to a verimculture composting system? Does Bokashi Play Nice with Worms? Hi AT and thanks for your question. Bokashi composting

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Paper with Ink on It

Hi, I'm confused as to whether I can compost paper that (a) I have printed on i.e. has printer ink on it and (b) paper that I've written on i.e. has pen

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Do Worms Leave When Compost is Done?

I have a large round plastic compost bin similar to the photo though mine is slightly wider and bigger. I have lots of worms in the bottom that appeared

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Beginner Composting within a Forest

Hello! I recently bought a home that is surrounded by forest. I have been throwing sticks and pulled weeds into the forest, spreading them around. This

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