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Wet Disposable Diapers - Can They be Composted?

Sounds disgusting, but would the inside of wet diapers be compostable? Urine + cellulose. Good Question That's an interesting question. The thing to know

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Best Decomposers for Growing Kale in Martian Soil

My daughter's 11th-grade science project idea involves soil decomposers, and we're stuck. She is testing 3-5 decomposers in Martian type soil to investigate

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No More Heat.

I live in Southeastern Mississippi. It is very hot and humid here. I started my compost pile in the woods about 10 weeks ago. Just threw some sides up

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Heating Up a Nearly Finished Compost Heap

My compost heap is about 80% decomposed. I made it in the normal way and it didn't get warm during the composting process. There are still unwanted seeds

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Stalled composting

HI, I have a two sided barrel type compost tumbler, I filled up the first side and put some already ready compost in to kickstart it, and went on to fill

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Red Wigglers

Our compost bin is full of red wigglers. The bin is a two piece plastic one, with a door at the bottom for scooping out the composted material. My husband

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What is Soil Texture - And Why Does it Matter?

Soil texture is an important part of understandng your soil. It has a huge effect on your soil's capacity to store nutrients. As well it governs water flows. You can not change your soil texture but happily organic matter can help with any difficulties.

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Soil Texture Testing - Two Easy Methods

Soil Texture testing is easy and worth the effort even though you can't change your soil texture without risking turning it into cement. But you can learn about and understand it. These two simple methods show you how.

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