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Where to buy actinobacterium Frankia?

Does anyone know of a product that contains this actinobacterium? I want to make sure it's available in the soil when I plant Goumi berries. I Don't

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C/N Ratio for Compost Tumbler

I lucked into an envirocycle left behind by the previous homeowner and though I’ve muddled through so far I’d love to improve my results. I’m confused

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Lots of Leaves, Some Grass Clippings – How do I Start a Compost Pile with Limited Materials?

Years ago my grandfather told me that his dad said to never put leaves in the garden because it soured the soil. For many years I have just raked my

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Ants Attacking Earthworms in Compost Heap

Good day - thank you for your very valuable channel!! I have neglected my compost pile for a while :(- just adding material and not stirring the contents

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Above Ground Composting?

Hi! My mom and I have recently been starting to compost our food scraps in her garden. We haven't bought any compost bins or anything. My mom just keeps

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Mashed Vegetable Waste for Plants on the Terrace

Hi! I'm living in an apartment with a terrasse. I love plants and hate throwing out the amount of vegetable waste. I tried doing compost last year but

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Weird fungus? In decomposed yard waste

We had a tree removed and waited a year before grinding the stump. We added yard waste, small branches, leaves, grass clippings, etc over the next year.

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Wet Disposable Diapers - Can They be Composted?

Sounds disgusting, but would the inside of wet diapers be compostable? Urine + cellulose. Good Question That's an interesting question. The thing to know

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