Tumbler Composter - Adding Material and Time Concerns

by Suzy
(Alberta, Canada)

Does it matter which side I add to in the tumbler composter? One side has a + sign but looking at pictures of the one we have, I think it is in the wrong way.

Suzy it doesn't matter which side you use to add your compost ingredients. But fill one side about two thirds to three quarters full then start with the other side and stop adding to te first side.

Also, it seems to take months to compost kitchen waste with grass clippings. Whereas my other compost (just a pile) is ready quite fast.

This is one of the challenges of the compost tumbler. On the ground you have the benefit of other insects and worms that can help speed the process up. The tumbler is not necessarily a decent habitat for these creatures. For example I don't think earthworms would be happy being tumbled every day or two.

So while frequent turning speeds the process it also means some compost friends will be missing which slows things down. Adding some of your compost from the pile will probably help. Over time your tumbler will get better as some of the bacteria and fungi that break material down will be present. Don't clean your tumbler between loads.

If it is really taking a long time I'd check the moisture. Dry material doesn't breakdown and if things are too wet same thing.

Best of Luck

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