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Gobsmacked in Scotland

A Scotish family from NE Scotland tells a tale of lawn to productive veggie garden transformation.

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Composting Tips for Compost Tumblers

A compost tumbler can be a great tool or a nightmare. These composting tips will almost guarantee success.

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The Haber Process - Nitrogen Fertilizer from the Air

The Haber Process provides the base for nitrogen fertilizer that helps feed the wqorld. But there is a dark side.

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Making Bokashi

Are you loving bokashi composting? Why not team up with a few friends, make a big batch and you'll be supplied for next to nothing.

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Sheet Composting - From Lame Lawn to Lush Garden

Sheet composting is a nice way to use up all the spent garden leftovers and fall leaves to build a great Spring garden bed.

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Mycorrhizae in our compost or what?

We have white stuff in our compost which looks to me like ashes. It shows up when horse manure or lots of grass clippings are used. I would say when there

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Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria with Peas, Beans and Family - Nature's Nitrogen Factory

The right Rhizobium nitrogen fixing bacteria matched with the correct legume partner equals free natural nitrogen fertilizer. Do you have the right bacteria in your soil?

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Bedding Down my Fall Garden

I have been composting leaves now for 25 years, as a result of being daunted by the task of bagging leaves from 47 oak trees on my property. It's a lot

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