Where to buy actinobacterium Frankia?

by Robert
(N.W. Arkansas)

Does anyone know of a product that contains this actinobacterium? I want to make sure it's available in the soil when I plant Goumi berries.

I Don't Know of a Source But...

Here is a quote from a research paper about the Frankia and how it is inoculated into the soil.

"In fields, inoculation with Frankia is commonly carried out with crushed nodule, Frankia suspension, Frankia enrobed in alginate bead, soil containing Frankia, or leaf litter from around nodulated plants."

Here is a link to that report. It may lead you to a source for you.

Use of Frankia and Actinorhizal Plants for Degraded Lands Reclamation

If anyone knows of a source please put it in the comment section. Many Thanks.

And best of luck to you Robert.


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