When to Use the Compost

by Peter
(Kidderminster England)

Hello I have a. Plastic conical compost bin. I put veg in it every other day.

I have been putting veg in it for months, and I always see uncomposted material on the top but the level is lower so I know that it is composting below. I cannot fill the bin to the top I cannot use the composted material at the bottom.

I must stop filling it at some time so that I can use it on the garden. Since I have started I have not been able to use the composted material at the bottom.

The bin is positioned on to concrete slabs.

Do I have to have two bins?


Solving Kitchen Compost Problems

Hi Peter

Everyone has this problem so you are not alone. Many of those bins have a small door at the bottom so you can dig out the bottom bits and carry on filling the unit.

What I do is I lift the whole plastic bin off the compost and set it down next door to the now naked compost.

Then I take the compost that still needs time to break down and toss it into the now empty bin. Then I take the stuff that is compost and spread it into a thin layer on top of the parts of the garden where I want it. I don't dig it in, I let my worms do the work of that.

You could also get two bins but I think this is better because you get the compost onto your garden earlier.

Good luck


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