Tumbler contents are too wet.

by Lu

My compost tumbler has turned very wet.

What do I add to absorb the liquid?

I had a Similar Problem

I have been testing a compost tumbler on my deck for the summer and ended up with a similar problem. My compost was almost soupy.

The first thing I did was to check the drain and I opened it and left it open. This didn't dry things out enough so I tried shredded paper which did work to some extent but it seemed like I'd need to add an awful lot of paper to solve the problem.

Then I read the directions that come with the Jora composter, a tumbler made in Sweden. They recommend using wood pellets, the kind you use in a wood pellet stove.

I bought some at our hardware store - about $5 for 40 pounds - and wow they really work.

These wood pellets are made from compressed wood. The lignin in the wood is what holds them together. They are dried down to a 5% moisture content. This is perfect for wet compost because the pellets can absorb a lot of water. As it absorbs water the pellets break apart and become a nice fine part of the compost.

Hope this will solve your problem. If you can't find wood pellets use a lot of shredded paper.

Good Luck


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