Is Beekeeping Waste Safe for Worm Composting?

by Adam
(New Bern)

I am a beekeeper and I have some waste from beehives. Is beekeeping waste safe to use in worm composting? I have taken the wax from here and all that is left is cocoons.

Good Question But...

Hi Adam, that's a good question but I'm afraid I really don't know.

I would not hesitate to compost cocoons in a regular compost. But I'm not sure how to manage them as part of your worm composting.

What I would do is a small experiment. Take a few of your cocoons and test them with your worms. You should soon get a read on whether they like them as a food. It should also tell you whether they are a problem for the worms. If you do the experiment do let us know what you learn.

Best of Luck

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