Help I've Got Maggots

by Chuck
(Danville Virginia)

I live in south central Virginia I'm having problems with maggots in my tumbler is this normal?

I've been gardening for 30 years but I'm just starting my compost tumbler and there are a lot of maggots and all sorts of creepy crawlers in there. It's about a fourth full and it's been real hot here.

What can I do and is this normal? Love your site looking forward to your response yours in gardening chuck

Maggots Etc... Yes It's Normal

So Chuck yes all those maggots and other crawly things are normal in compost. I'm a bit surprised they are surviving in the tumbler though with the hot temperatures you probably have.

I don't know if you normally have a regular compost bin or pile. If so it's likely that the maggots etc escaped your notice because they could burrow away into the soil. In a tumbler they are stuck and so much more visible.

They'll finish their dinner and their life cycle in the tumbler. If it really bugs you you could empty the tumbler and let the critters find their way into a nice meal for some grub eating birds.

There is actually a sort of compost system that uses soldier flies and their maggots to process waste. The main product is the larvae... the maggots in other words. This is handy if you have chickens, or lizards, or a pet shop... but you don't get compost out of it. I don't think you have that many maggots...

Good Luck

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