Have Critters or Fungi Moved Into Your Compost? Got Questions?

Photo credit: nicknormal on VisualHunt.com
Just Some of the Creatures You Might Meet in Your Compost

Your compost is of course teeming with all kinds of microscopic life. Sometimes it starts teeming with life you can see, and it might be life that freaks you right out.

What to do? Take a picture and ask a question!

Is something living in or wrecking havoc with your compost?

Has something moved into your compost you have a question about? Could be anything from maggots to mushrooms, rats to raccoons, anything living that you're just not sure about.

If at all possible also include a photo. It will really help me give you a decent answer. Ask your question here.

Here are some questions and answers

Here are some of the questions that other people have already asked. You might even find the answer you are looking for here. Check them out.

Ants in Compost Pile 
I have a nice compost pile and have used it often. Great to add to red clay for planting. I now have ants in the pile. Is it ok to continue using the …

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