Bokashi and verimculture composter?

by AT
(Conifer, CO)

Can you add bokashi compost to a verimculture composting system?

Does Bokashi Play Nice with Worms?

Hi AT and thanks for your question.

Bokashi composting has lots to recommend it but there's that little obstacle at the end of the ferment period of what to do with your bucket of pickled material.

For those with a handy soil pit it's easy, just bury it and look forward to using the area as a future garden bed.

Those with a compost bin can add it to the regular compost. This is what I do.

But what about adding it to your vermiculture system?

I met Steve Churchill, the owner of The Urban Worm Company, recently and thought I'd ask his advice. Here's his reply.

Steve from the Urban Worm Company

Hey Leslie!
Thanks for checking in.

If I go by the book, then worms shouldn't like bokashi due to its anaerobic origins and acidity. But the worms also don't read books and from everything I've heard from people who "daisy chain" bokashi and vermicomposting, they say the worms love it.

Give it a shot and let me know! :)


So I say give it a shot and let us know. But I'd start small, as in don't dump a whole bucket in at once, just test it in small amounts to see how it goes. Then if it seems okay try more.

Please do let us know how it goes.


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