Above Ground Composting?

by Kim

Nana's Harvest Basin

Nana's Harvest Basin


My mom and I have recently been starting to compost our food scraps in her garden. We haven't bought any compost bins or anything. My mom just keeps all the food scraps in a bucket, and when its full, she simply dumps it next to some of her growing plants. I've read everywhere online that compost should be buried so I'm not sure about her method. Is this an effective way of composting? Does this pose any harms to the environment?

Thank you!!

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for your question. I'm not going to answer in detail here but will direct you over to a new gardening tips page.

The short answer though is that your Mom's method is just fine and will be effective. Just watch out for bears.

Here's a link to Gardening Tips for Composting. The first tip is for you and your Mom Kim.

Happy Composting,

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