100% Compost Vegetables Container Garden

by Tina
(Weedsport, NY)

I made a movable raised container garden for an elderly friend who loves gardening but can no longer bend to take care of. In my haste to get it done in time for planting I forgot to mix regular soil with my compost.

The plants were transplanted from my green house to the containers. They are since not growing very fast if at all. It is too late to add soil but is there something I can put on the "garden" to help it grow better.

My compost is from horses dirt and wood shavings that has been about two years in the making. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will feel horrible if this garden dies on my friend. He is 94 and it is what he lives for.

Oh Dear...

First, for the record when you have containers that are not bottomless it's good to use lots of compost and not so much soil. Seems when soil touches the earth it behaves brilliantly, when soil is in an enclosed container it needs at least 30 to 50% compost or other non soil components or it turns into cement.

I'm not sure why things did not start out well here. Your compost should have been mature enough but the wood shavings could be drawing down the nitrogen levels.

I would top dress with a thin layer of worm castings if you can find them and maybe water with dilute fish fertilizer until things green up.

I am late responding to you so I am hoping things have come round already. Thank you for making your friend a garden... that is so kind.


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