Lazy Man Composting

I have a small compost pile that I add some food scraps to, but I do not cook much, so that pile is small. My big compost piles are nothing more than piles of what has been picked up by my lawnmower. I have to collect grass clippings when the weeds have seeds and when the grass clippings would be too much for the lawn and cause mold to grow.

The piles of lawn clippings are around fruit trees in the front and back yards so I do not have to go far to find one. Those fruit trees are doing great. Besides healthier fruit trees, the birds love these piles for the worms or whatever.
I win, fruit trees win, birds win, bugs lose.

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Lazyiness is Next to Godliness
by: Leslie

I really appreciate your lazy ways. If you look at what you are doing it's far closer to Nature's way than our traditional compost pile. Sounds like it works out well for all concerned.

Thanks for your story.

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